The Smart Commissioner

The Healthcare Programme

A healthcare programme contains a number of disease based healthcare pathways and their services. Healthcare programmes might be based on an area of healthcare such as Gastrointestinal Health, Cardiovascular Health or Skin Health etc or it may relate to a cohort of people with a number of different conditions such as the Frail Elderly.

The Outcome Based Commission

When commissioning or indeed providing a healthcare programme it will be necessary to create a suite of patient centred outcomes in order to measure improved outcomes at an individual and population/ programme/ cohort level.

Outcomes should be co-designed with service users and their carers.

The Service Vision

As well as agreeing programme outcomes it is important for commissioners to specify at a high level what the service should look like and how patients will flow through the services and be actively managed and supported. For healthcare providers the service will need to be specified at a much more granular level